… let me set the record straight. According to the Time Dragon Clock, the melting occurred at the 13th hour; a direct result of a bucket of water thrown by a female child…

you’re the only friend i’ve ever had.

and i’ve had so many friends, but only one that mattered.

Loathing, unadulterated loathing, for your face, your voice, your clothing…


Glinda! Is it true - you were her friend?

Well… it depends what you mean by “friend”. I did know her. That is, our paths did cross. At school…


All of my Wicked art in one post.


Just let that sink in.

me at parties

 You don't need to do that you know.


i’m the literal worst person and this is most certainly not funny i’m so sorry for everything vouksen this is your fault

The current Australasian Cast of Wicked performing ‘One Short Day’

For though it may seem small
The power to love one another
Is the greatest power of all

t h e m e