Harry Potter challenge: It’s not over
Day 1: Scenery porn

Harry Potter and the …

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban


Imagine J.K. Rowling pulling a Beyoncé and releasing another Harry Potter book at midnight on July 31 with no warning can you even imagine the chaos that would ensue

still believe in magic?” 








#can we just appreciate all the house unity going on here #i mean slytherins and gryffindors working together peacefully #this is a revolutionary gif right here

i dont give a shit about those kids but who the fuck is that old man

is that elderly bilbo

that IS elderly bilbo

I always wondered who the heck that character is? (I always hoped Hogwarts had more adults watching the hundreds of kids).

I did a Google search and it’s probably either Silvanus Kettleburn (Care of Magical Creatures before Hagrid) or an unnamed professor that they put into the scene to prove that yes, there are more than three teachers at this school, look, we’re responsible and invested in keeping these kids alive sometimes.

Where sometimes is the key word.


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Footage used on the new Hogwarts Express ride at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Everything has changed


the first time harry potter met his godson was at remus and tonks’ funeral and if that doesn’t make you wanna die then you are far more mentally stable than me

t h e m e