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mad respect for this reporter.

holy shit, did i just gain some respect for fox news?

This lady is fucking insane. I have a lot of respect for the reporter for willingly arguing and even quoting scripture against this dipshit. It’s people like this insane lady and all her fucked up followers that make people think Christians are insane. It’s people like them that don’t even understand that God is love. I don’t give a fuck what she says, that lady isn’t part of a religion; she’s part of a cult.

And it’s people like the reporter that make me a little less ashamed to be part of a country as fucked up as America. To stand up for the rights of millions of people against some idiotic creep that was asked to be interviewed on national television in front of a massive audience and probably knowing the possibility of things being taken too far and her possibly losing her job, now that takes courage. I respect her with every fiber of my being. That’s the kind of pride that Americans need to have. Not even just Americans, all of us.

“Mam, I think it’s disgusting that you even use that word.” - in response to the use of ‘fag’. And it was at this moment that I gained total and utter respect for this reporter.

Usually I don’t like Fox News. Right now, and possibly only now, do I have respect for their station and this particular reporter. The Westboro Baptist Church needs to either wake up and accept their neighbors or get taken down. 

God would never hate
his own creation.

forever reblog. fucking love this reporter.

holy shit 

I have never had so much respect for a reporter in my life.



Well said, Andrew. Preach it, qurl. 

So much respect for this reporter.

daamn haha 

I have mad respect for this reporter, God would never hate any creation of his. And this crazy lady just comes up and assumes that God hates all of them? Did God really come to her and told her that he hates fags? These type of people seriously disgust me. They have no right to say that. That reporter is right! She should preach that crap to some other country. 

No you see, I don’t respect this at all! Don’t get me wrong - I agree with the reporter, but reporters are meant to be non bias, center field. The news is meant to only show the facts, not have a slanted opinionated view. She doesn’t even give the crazy-christian-gay-hating-waste-of-life-lady time to introduce herself before she starts attacking her moronic ideals. This is why i will forever hate Fox News - News Corp & Rupert Murdock! 

 aaaaaaaaaaaaand preach.

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