How old are you?
I’m 19 

Do you have Facebook/Twitter?
Follow me on twitter, but I’ll only give my facebook to you if we’re friends.

Where are you from?
Welp I’m from the south east of England, but I’m a 4 hour drive from home up in Lincoln for my university degree. I also spend a lot of time going up north (when I can afford it) to see my girlfriend c:

Girlfriend? So are you gay?
Okay here’s the thing. I always say I’m gay/lesbian whatever because it’s just easier, but honestly I have no idea what to label myself as. The closest thing is probably pansexual.
Or as Dannielle says, peepsexual. I’m in a long distance relationship, no matter if I’m at home or at uni. Also, see our blog.

What are you studying at uni?
Animation! See my blog here.

Are you rich?
GOD NO. #student

Sup with your hair man
I cut it short just before uni. NOT BECAUSE I’M GAY I just fancied a change. I still don’t like it though so yeah. It keeps changing.

What series of Doctor Who have you seen/are your favourites?
I kinda started watching from about series 3, but since then I caught up on some episodes before that and have watched ever episode after. I just love at Ten episodes but series four Doctor/Donna is definitely my favourite.

Who do you ship ___ with?
Okay have a list of my OTPs, if someone isn’t listed then I probably don’t ship them with anyone or I’m just kinda neutral about it

Kurt/Blaine, Brittany/Santana, Mike/Tina, Sam/Mercedes,

Doctor Who:
Doctor/Rose, Doctor/River, Rory/Amy

Harry Potter:
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Remus/Tonks, Lily/James

Sherlock/John DUH

I went to Brighton Pride 2010, and London/World Pride 2012.

 I have seen David Tennant 3 times, and spoken to him once. I’ve seen him in Love’s Labour’s Lost in Stratford upon Avon, Hamlet and Much Ado About Nothing both in London. My friends took me to see the first two and I took my friends to see Much Ado for my 18th birthday. I got his signature at LLL.
This also means I have seen Patrick Stewart and Catherine Tate on stage.

I went to see Glee Live in London in June 2011 and bought a LIKES GIRLS shirt. See my pictures here
So in concert, I have been to see S Club 7 and 8, Westlife, and Glee. Aw yea.

I went to the Alice in Wonderland premiere in London and saw Johnny Depp’s face through a CAR WINDOW

I saw the London New Year’s fireworks at midnight 2011/2012.

I’ve been to see Wicked 3 times on stage in London, and The Woman In Black twice. I’ve also seen Legally Blonde with Sheridan Smith and Duncan James as the leads. I saw Sweeney Todd 18th July starring Michael Ball and Imelda Staunton and guest star Jason Manford.Who knew Professor Umbridge would make a great Mrs Lovett.

t h e m e